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Jab We Met!!

The Mathematician.....

           The Mathematician…..

31-March-2015 is one of the few mathematically memorable days of my life. This was different from my routine. Today I bunked all my theory classes as well as practical class at NISER. I walked in streets along with SSN (my batch-mate) searching for an address in hot-baked-afternoon. That address was of Prof. Swadhin Pattanayak. We interacted for about 2 hrs. We discussed various topics of analysis like: diverging series, summability, double sums, differential equations,….. He also shared his fascination of “how log tables were formed”, “how square-roots were calculated”, “beautification of electrodynamics by calculus”, “methods to calculate value of \pi”…… He has become too old, he takes time to write but still his love and passion for mathematics is young. Still he has mathematics research papers surrounding him and full of energy to learn and teach. At the end we shook hands, and I felt like shaking hands with some Super Star.