Daily Archives: May 23, 2015

Kya Mangta hai?


My hostel

The first expression I came across here in Marathi was “Kya mangta hai?” i.e “What do you want?”. In case of Odiya, ” Kona?” i.e. “What?” was the first expression that I encountered (10 months ago). It has been a week in Pune. So far I have visited ILS Law College and Film and Television Institute in addition to Bhaskaracharya Pratisthana. I also got an opportunity to “see” IMO medalist teaching young students for upcoming INMO.


BP Lobby

This is India’s oldest Olympiad training center located at end of a small street at heart of the city. Here I am left alone with my mathematics for whole day (just get out of my room for having meals). This is a wonderful place to do mathematics since there is no distraction (yesterday only my mother made me realize that there is no television here). Only problem I have here is high level of air pollution. Sometimes I feel to go out of room for a walk but unlike Bhubaneswar here there is lot of pollution (may be comparable to that of New Delhi). But food here (as well as Mohali) is much better than at Bhubaneswar (whether road side stalls or restaurants).


Spotted a beautiful bird eating wild red berries from tree adjacent to window of my room (sorry I don't own a good camera)