I like to predict things going to happen each day based upon some (il)logical reasoning. Also, earlier this year I wrote a blog post: “Inquisitive Mathematical Thinking“.

Today, inspired by various “wrong” interpretation of “Principle of Mathematical Induction” which leads to various absurd results, I came up with an idea of giving a “flawed” proof of (i.e. I will deliberately mimic what I call “rape of Mathematics”):

Every day is good day.

Let me start with following induction Hypothesis:
P(1): Today is a good day.
This is trivially true (just like the statement “the sun rises in east”).

Now, let’s assume the truth of following statement:
P(k): k^{th} day is good day.

Now, what remains to prove is that P(k) \Rightarrow P(k+1), where:
P(k+1): (k+1)^{th} day is good day.

Since, our past actions determine our future results (metaphysical truth), if today is good day then I will be able to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges and hence my tomorrow will be good. Thus proving the inductive step.

The above proof has lot of logical flaws like: ” How do you define a day to be good?” and “Implication is based on a metaphysical truth”.

Bottom line: Life not as simple as Mathematics!

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