Special Numbers


Recently I realized the special properties of following numbers:

Zero (0)

It is the only number which is both real and purely imaginary at same time.

One (1)

It is sufficient to create all the counting numbers (a.k.a. natural numbers).

Two (2)

This is the maximum exponent, n, for which x^n + y^n=z^n has solution in natural numbers. This peculiar property leads to “Fermat’s Last Theorem”.

If you also have some special numbers in mind, please do share them below as comments.


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  3. All natural numbers are special. Don’t believe me? OK, assume that there exists a nonempty set of non-special natural numbers. Then there must be a lowest non-special number, which seems like a pretty special quality to me! This is a contradiction, therefore our assumption is false and the set of non-special numbers must be empty. QED

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    • I wish to see “individual number” with unique properties. It’s true that 6 is a perfect number, but will it make any difference to existence of other perfect numbers (if 6 didn’t exist)? For examples, if 1 doesn’t exist we can’t generate all natural numbers.

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