Opinions Welcome : Should we dream?


We are living organisms and our biological objective of life is to grow and reproduce. Now if we add the social prospective to this basic concept of living organisms, we must ensure healthy life of our offspring (love, education, health, money…). So, a life without dream would be to work hard enough to be a able to use your capabilities to earn enough money to support your family.

Now, that was very idealistic view of life. Most parents “dream” that their children should achieve much more than them in their lives (like the objective of evolution). But surely “dreams” like to become richest person, greatest scientist etc. are not necessary for living. Moreover many times we have to pay huge price for chasing our dreams like less time for family (which is actually the reason for our existence), more stress, less friends, etc. I think that “dream chasing” is like drug addiction, it becomes inseparable part of your life and leads to various negative effects. So, I would like to ask:

Should we dream?

Maybe, working hard enough to fully utilise our capabilities is what dreaming all about.

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  1. I used to think that one day I will know the answers of the questions of our existence but then my dream shattered when I understood that some questions are not answerable. But then I got another dream that I will understand those things which I am capable of.
    I will try to write my opinion about your question: I think in both cases we are doing the same thing but with different perspectives. If we want to earn money for living then we can work hard in our discipline and achieve our dream of earning money. But if we love being in that discipline then we’ll try to do all of those things from our heart and ultimately achieve our dream of contributing something to human’s understanding of the universe, even then we can make money. But if the dream you are chasing is hurting your mind then in my opinion you should try to do what makes you happy.


    • The situation is the following: I want to learn as much mathematics as possible before I die and also want to be with my loved ones till I die (bcoz of Aspies and health). Now both these “dreams” can’t be achieved together, thus hurting my existence. If I drop any of these dreams then also I am hurt. So I am just like a snake eating its own tail. Therefore, just to keep myself in illusion of being in happy state I have made myself believe that both these (math and love) are not my dreams but rather necessities for survival (like alcohol for soldiers). For example, this winter I am again visiting Allahabad inspite of the fact that winter is dangerous for me.

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  2. Yes, definitely. These are the dreams which make us fall in love with few things….like mathematics.