Childhood Maths – I


I found two documents that I was very proud of as a child. Both were the result of trying to understand the kind of things Ramanujan did in free time, a result of the little AMTI books I read as a child. I will share one document in this post and another one in the next since both are not related to each other in substance.

Following is a calculation table generated using some spreadsheet software:


As you can see, it was motivated by the famous Taxicab number story.

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  2. Absolutely wonder you are following your childhood passion of mathematics…and many thanks for sharing the list of publications of The Association of Mathematics of India…it is a very big service you have done…I hope it is okay if I share these two blogs of yours — childhood maths — in my mathematics blogs …so that many more readers benefit…You also bring to light the service of The Association of Mathematics of India by publishing such literature at such cheap prices…

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