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Mathematical Almora


Centre of Excellence in Mathematical Sciences, Almora

For last two weeks I was in Almora (SSJ Campus of Kumaon University), attending Undergraduate Summer Workshop. There were lectures and tutorials on Group Theory, Linear Algebra and Real Analysis. I was successful in meeting Prof. E. K. Narayanan and discussing one of my research problems. These two weeks were incredible. 

50 students, most of them strangers to each other, came together to learn mathematics (though some participants denied this fact). We all had different backgrounds and interests which made my experience more colorful. During free time we visited local markets, Kasar Devi Mandir, Simtola Eco Park and Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.


Langurs at Binsar (photo courtesy: Kamal Kishore)

I had lot of new experiences like taking bath in naula (harvested water springs in Kumaon), living in dormitory (with 12 others), going for evening walk on माल road (I don’t understand why they write it “mall” instead of “maal” in English).


Sunset at maal road , Almora

Unfortunately the life is too small to revisit Almora and meet all of my buddies again, but still I hope to meet all of them again at some point of my life.

From centre of calmness


Today morning.....

Almora is awesome place. Weather is beautiful. A lot of old math is being re-learnt. Words are not enough describe my experience. Group theory, linear algebra and real analysis  is being discussed.


Kainchi (a holy place near Almora)

Will write a detailed review once I return to my home.

Conclusion (non mathematical)


Day before yesterday, I presented my project report titled “Diophantine Equations”. It is 90 pages long (anybody who comes to know about this curses me!) containing proof of about 40 theorems and many more illustrations and definitions. I will upload it once I have submitted it at NISER. But here is conclusion of my report:


You must be thinking that I have gone nuts! How can this be conclusion of some mathematics report, which deals with solving some kind of weird equation??

The main objective of the project was to analyze (discusses very old math) the available methods for solving a specific class of equations. And since problem solving is the life-blood of mathematics, the above poster is all about problem solving in real life, which I believe also works in mathematics. (I don’t want to destroy beauty of above poster, by drawing analogy, if interested do it yourself!)

Digression: Journey Experiences

1.  Go to Chandigarh if you are in search of beautiful life partner.
2.  Go to Pune  (especially in monsoon), if you are a couple, ideal place for romance (in Pune if you are roaming alone implies that you are a loser).
3.  Go to Almora, for honeymoon ( it sounds weird to travel agency when you book single ticket!).
4.  Go to Delhi, on a family trip or with friends.

I really regret visiting all 4 places alone….. (may be not???)