1. Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) by Fomin, Genkin, Itenberg : A thought provoking book for students of class VIII & IX
  2. A Mathematical Mosaic: Patterns & Problem-Solving by Ravi Vakil : My favorite book (but sadly not available in India, bought it from USA)
  3. Arithmetic and Algebra: Numbers and the beginnings of Algebra by Shirali : An ideal text for beginners
  4. First Steps in Number Theory: A Primer on Divisibility by S.A. Shirali : Discusses congruences in good detail
  5. Hands-on Geometry by Christopher M. Freeman: Lovely book ! A step-by-step  guide to learning constructions
  6. Non-Routine Problems in Mathematics by AMTI (Editor: V. K. Krishnan) : Lovely book but has few wrong solutions for problems posed in exercises
  7. The Cartoon Guide to Calculus by Larry Gonick:  A Fantastic book ! Everyone will love calculus after reading this. An illustrative guide to elementary calculus.
  8. Mathematics: A very Short Introduction by T. Gowers: A broad overview of research carrier in mathematics.
  9. What is Mathematics ? by Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins : This is must read book for all students serious towards mathematics. This book will be your life long friend.

[Last Edited: 11 July 2014]