Here I want to share my views regarding various options available for a student to study Mathematics as a field of research, right from undergraduate level.

Also please note that all views I express here are my personal & are based upon assumption that you LOVE mathematics from core of your heart [just like Paul Erdos, Srinivasa Ramanujan …..]

Also there is are two beautiful articles on this topic:

  1. For a career in mathematics (The Hindu, 2011) by Prof. S. Kesavan (IMSc, Chennai)
  2. Pursuing Mathematics in India (Resonance, 2012) by Prof. B V Rajarama Bhat (ISI, Bangalore Centre) and Prof. K B Athreya (Iowa State University, USA)

There are also yearly compilations by various institutes of India regarding “Mathematical Olympiad  & other scholarships, research programmes” by Dr. A. Vijayakumar  [Regional Coordinator , INMO, Professor & Head Department of Mathematics, Cochin University of Science and Technology]

Year : 2008-09 | 2011-12 | 2012-13 | 2014-152016-17 |

List of Institutes for Students Interested in Mathematics 

  • Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai
  • Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
  • National Institute of Science Education & Research, Bhubaneswar (has “Center for Fundamental Studies”)
  • Indian Institute of Science Educations & Research, Pune [A variety of research fields]
  • Indian Institute of Science Educations & Research, Mohali
  • Indian Institute of Science Educations & Research, Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Science Educations & Research, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Indian Institute of Science Educations & Research, Bhopal
  • Indian Institute of Science Educations & Research, Tirupati
  • Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences (University of Mumbai & Department of Atomic Energy), Mumbai
  • School of Mathematics & Statistics (University of Hyderabad), Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Integrated Science Education and Research Centre (Visva-Bharati University), Shantiniketan
  • Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences (Pondicherry University), Pondicherry
  • Institute of Mathematics & Applications, Bhubaneswar

There are many regional good colleges like Loyola College (Chennai), St. Stephan College (New Delhi), Presidency College (Kolkata)

My opinions were influenced by e-mails exchanged  with some awesome people, so I want to convey special thanks to them

  • Sai Krishna Deep (CMI)
  • Siddarth (CMI & ISI, Bang)
  • Mayank Singh (Physics @ CBS)
  • Sahil Joshi (Maths @ CBS)
  • Karan Kathuria (Maths @ CBS)
  • Mahesh Gandikota (Physics @ NISER)
  •  Prajakta Purushottam Bedekar (Maths @ NISER)
  • Jyotiraditya Singh (Maths @ NISER)
  • Pawandeep Singh (Maths @ ISERC)
  • Tattwamasi Amrutam (IMA)
  • Sourav Adhikari (IMA)

[Last Edited: 23 December 2016]


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