Bhāskarāchārya’s Bījaganita, Invocation (Translated by Late Prof. S. K. Abhyankar, Pune)

The posts are written by gaurish and notgaurish. We (at least) try to follow the philosophy:

A smile is a curve that can set lot of things straight.

– Phyllis Diller (Comedian)

gaurish: Following are few fun facts about him:

DisclaimerGaurish claims to love mathematics but doesn’t intend to give any proof.

notgaurish: This person, who is my best friend, prefers to keep an air of mystery about her.

We support Aspies (one who has Asperger’s Syndrome).


People identifying with Asperger syndrome may refer to themselves in casual conversation as aspies. (Mary & Max © Melodrama Pictures 2008)

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  1. Hi, am Kevin. I have been reading your journals and i really got fascinated.Am a lover of NP-Hard problem and currently working on bin packing problem. If possible can you share on caving degree theories if you don’t mind. Looking forward to hear from you.


  2. Hi brother Gaurish!

    I am a 11th student in CBSE. I love maths like anything and I want to pursue maths. How will be the study and the concepts in colleges and how is NISER regarding maths?


    • Recently, one of my classmate was suffering from a disease with “gangrene” like symptoms. I personally talked to a doctor and motivated him to leave his careless attitude and visit a doctor. Luckily, it was just a minor blood clotting and he was cured.

      I was worried about him because he is mathematically gifted and he is very important for development of mathematics. I felt pain by thought of his loss, but it isn’t love. It was greed.

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