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Why I love mathematics?


Like a true love, mathematics does not have any language barrier

Unlike other scientists, mathematicians believe that math should be independent of language we speak, hence symbols in mathematics are used to eliminate this language barrier. If some arguments in mathematics you find meaningful in only one language then we don’t call that argument  mathematical but rather mathemagical.

You can even see this Wikipedia page Language Of Mathematics

update Just discovered this article

For example:

You can read “Foundation of analysis” by Landau written in German by just reading glossary of words given at end of book original book.
Regional mathematical journals are possible.
Like in odiya by Orissa Mathematical Society 

Mathematics is ‘really’ beautiful 

Mathematicians commonly talk about ‘abstract’ beauty of mathematics which only a  mathematician can understand but here I would like to talk about physical beauty of mathematics which any one can appreciate

update just discovered this book

Also see this discussion 

1.  Fractals (false color image of a mathematical set)


2. Topology (mathematical knots)


3. Function Graphs (graph for θ =r)


Mathematics can define my feelings
I don’t have much to describe this , just read this Poem “The Imaginary Girl of our complex class” by Sagar Shrivastava.

And this dance curves via mathematical functions:


Mathematics is guide for my life
Without challenges, misunderstandings, chaos, life becomes boring; and overcoming them gives me great joy. I just everyday get up and realize that so ‘little’ I know about mathematics. This ensures that I always have something to do and new secrets to discover.

A Mathematician Looking Around


Recently I visited Science City  Auditorium, Kolkata to attend National Science Camp 2014.
I noticed two types of tilings used on the floor:



To find the mathematical details behind these, please read following 3 articles:

Covering the plane with Repeated Patterns (Part 1) by Haneet Gandhi

Covering the plane with Repeated Patterns (Part 2) by Haneet Gandhi

Enumeration of semi-regular tessellations by Community Mathematics Centre (Rishi Valley Education Centre)